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Mao Doan - Tuesday, 23 January 2024, 6:09 AM

1. Vocabulary Preview 

2. Reading

Read the text on page 124 and answer the questions. True or False?

1. CRISPR is a technology that can replace unhealthy genes with healthy ones.

2. Some believe that CRISPR could potentially cure many diseases.

3. The use of CRISPR on germline cells means the genetic changes affect only the individual treated.

4. Scientists fully understand the various ways that genes work.

5. There is a certainty that humans will develop normally with genes edited by CRISPR.

6. CRISPR technology could be used to enhance human abilities such as intelligence and strength.

7. Only wealthy individuals will have access to the enhancements offered by CRISPR technology.

8. The text suggests that we should rapidly integrate CRISPR technology into society without concern for the consequences.

3. Listening

3. 1. Listen and Fill in the Blanks. 

Audio: Click here.

3.2. True or False?

  1. Understanding DNA's double helix is crucial for genetic mapping.
  2. Genes are large sections of DNA that determine the traits of organisms.
  3. Genetic mapping involves locating and identifying genes on chromosomes.
  4. New technology cannot yet change specific base pairs of our genes.
  5. Genetic engineering in crops has been practiced by altering their genes to require less water.
  6. The deontological argument is in favor of genetic engineering due to its benefits in food production and disease prevention.

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