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1. Speaking and Pronunciation: 

1.1 Debate

To say you disagree:

  1. "I see your point, but I have a different perspective."
  2. "That's an interesting take; however, I believe..."
  3. "I understand where you're coming from, but I might suggest..."
  4. "I respectfully disagree with that view. In my opinion..."
  5. "From my experience, the situation might be a bit different. For instance..."
  6. "While I appreciate that viewpoint, I think we should also consider..."
  7. "I'm not entirely convinced by that argument. It seems to me that..."
  8. "That's one way to look at it, yet I feel that..."
  9. "I agree with some of what you're saying, but I would like to add..."
  10. "Your point is valid, but we might also want to think about..."
To say you agree:
  1. "I completely agree with your point about..."
  2. "That's a great point. I'm in full agreement with..."
  3. "I couldn't agree more regarding..."
  4. "You make a compelling argument about..."
  5. "I share your view on..."
  6. "Absolutely, your point about... resonates with me."
  7. "I have the same thoughts on..."
  8. "Your perspective on... aligns closely with mine."
  9. "Indeed, I also believe that..."
  10. "I'm on the same page with you regarding..."

To add an idea:
  1. "Building on what was just mentioned, I'd like to add..."
  2. "That's a great point. Additionally, I think..."
  3. "To expand on that idea..."
  4. "Another aspect to consider is..."
  5. "I'd like to contribute another perspective here..."
  6. "In line with what [Name] said, we might also explore..."
  7. "This brings to mind a related idea..."
  8. "Supplementing what's been said, I believe..."
  9. "I'd like to propose a different angle on this topic..."
  10. "Adding to this interesting discussion, it's worth considering..."

1.2. Say the sentences.

2. Vocabulary Preview 

Hướng dẫn: Sau khi học qua chế độ thẻ từ, nhìn xuống góc dưới bên phải có dòng chữ "Chọn chế độ học" hoặc "Choose a learning mode", chọn chế độ "Học" hoặc "Learn". Cũng có thể chọn "Chính tả" hoặc "Spell" để luyện chép từ. Không click vào đường link dẫn đến các chế độ học trong cửa sổ đang học.

3. Listening Practice

3.1 Fill in the blanks.

Audio: Click here.

3.2 True or False?

  1. Dr. Janet Kober supports the use of CRISPR for germline editing because she believes it's a safe technology.
  2. Dr. Rami Said agrees with Dr. Kober on not using CRISPR for germline editing, but for different reasons.
  3. According to Dr. Ji-Young Park, the DNA of our children can be affected by our actions and lifestyle choices.
  4. Dr. Park suggests that editing a large number of genes in the germline is safe and should be pursued.
  5. Dr. Rami Said believes that all genes are simple and consist of only one short piece of DNA.
  6. The text includes a discussion about the risks of CRISPR technology potentially causing other diseases or health issues.

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