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Anyone in the world
Mao Doan - Tuesday, 30 January 2024, 8:35 AM

1. Pronunciation: Say the sentences.

2. Vocabulary Preview

3. Listening 

3.1. Fill in the blanks.

Audio: Click here.

3.2 True or False?

  1. Apple’s success in the global market has led companies from various industries, not just technology, to adopt its business strategies.
  2. Steve Jobs believed that customers should explicitly state what products they want.
  3. Apple’s product design process includes ensuring a product meets a market need before choosing it for production.
  4. The iPhone's popularity is largely attributed to its combination of music, Internet browsing, and calling capabilities.
  5. Apple's business strategy focuses on creating products that are complex and challenging to use.
  6. Steve Jobs would only release a product if it aligned with Apple's core values and design principles.

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