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Mao Doan - Thursday, 1 February 2024, 8:55 AM

1. Speaking Review

2. Pronunciation Practice 

3. Vocabulary Preview

4. Integrated Skills: Read to Learn

Read the text on page 168 and answer the questions. True or False?

1. Elephants can only make loud trumpet-like sounds with their trunks. 

2. Elephants and humans both use a larynx, or voice box, to produce sounds. 

3. The only difference between how elephants and humans make sounds is the size of their bodies. 

4. Elephants' vocal cords are shorter and tighter than humans', which allows them to make very low-frequency rumbles. 

5. Elephants can modify the sounds they make by changing the position of their larynx using their head, neck, and ears.

6. The trunk of an elephant plays no significant role in sound amplification. 

7. Very low-frequency rumbles made by elephants can travel long distances and are useful for communication. 

8. Humans can hear all the sounds elephants make, including the very low-frequency rumbles. 

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